Importance Of Donating Blood During The COVID-19 Pandemic
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Importance Of Donating Blood During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Our fight against COVID-19 has been going on for months and may continue for an uncertain period until a viable vaccine is released in the market. It is a time when not only the frontline workers, but we all need to stand together. You can also be a big help to your society & nation, by donating blood. You may not realise, but blood donations are critical during such a pandemic. It says that your one donation can save up to 3 lives. But the first question that could come to your mind is whether donating blood is safe during these times or not. Here we have articulated a few common topics that will answer all your queries and explain why you should voluntarily donate blood, especially during these times. 

Blood Cannot Be Produced Even Though The Demand Is High!

Due to the ongoing crisis of COVID-19, several blood-donation drives, camps and appointments have been cancelled. Due to the fear around this pandemic, the number of blood donations have fallen immensely. Though hospitals and blood centres are arranging safe blood donation resources, yet they are falling short of enough voluntary donors who are eligible and healthy. We need to understand that although science has developed a lot, yet hospitals are dependent on donors for maintaining blood supply. Hence, the decrease in donation is not only raising a sense of crisis on today’s supply but also on the sustainability of future resources, to help more people.  

Nation’s Blood Supply Needs To Be Continued!

Though COVID-19 has disrupted many systems of our lives and paused a lot of our work, but it’s not the same for medical patients. Patients with chronic illnesses, trauma patients, transplant receivers, cancer patients, patient with blood disorders and more, might need continuous treatment and blood supply. Their treatment might get hampered soon. We need to understand that blood banks rely on healthy volunteers like you. You are the one who can help to sustain the nation’s blood supply and save other’s lives.

Should You Go Out In The COVID-19 Pandemic, To Donate Blood?

Yes, you can and should go out to donate blood if you meet the eligibility criteria. Donating blood during this pandemic is safe. Till now there has been no evidence to show that coronavirus can transmit through blood transfusion. Moreover, all blood donation centres are taking extra layers of precautions to keep you and their staff protected, to curb the spread of any infection. 

Ensuring Extra Safety During The COVID-19 Pandemic

While leaving from home to donate blood, follow these precautionary steps carefully:

  • Ensure you’re feeling totally well on the day of blood donation.

  • Maintain social distancing in the blood donation place or camp.

  • Comply with all recommended practices arranged by the blood donation centre.

Eligibility Criteria For Donating Blood

If you have decided to donate blood, then first make sure that you meet the following criteria:

  • You must be of 18-65 years of age and weigh at least 50 KGs.

  • Eat a complete meal and drink plenty of liquid before heading to the donation drive.

  • You must be in good health on the day of donation.

  • For male if someone has donated blood at least 3 months ago and for female it is 4 months ago. These time gaps are necessarily required for healthy transfusion. 

Do not go for blood donation if:

  • You’ve been diagnosed/suspected to have COVID-19.

  • You have been asked to stay in self-quarantine due to possible COVID-19 infection exposure.

As per guidelines, people who have survived COVID-19 and have shown no symptoms from the last 28 days can go for blood donation. 

Donating Blood At Sarvodaya Hospital & Research Centre

At Sarvodaya Hospital & Research Centre, Sector-8, Faridabad, we have taken all major & minor precautions to keep you & our staff safe. Our blood donation facilities have adopted a few rules on a mandatory basis such as:

  • Hand sanitizer is available at every touch points in the hospitals including the blood donation facility. 

  • We carry out a thorough screening of the donors before proceeding with blood donation.

  • All our screening areas and donor beds are being sanitised after each use.

  • Only healthy staff members are allowed to work on the premises.

  • All our staff members wear gloves, face masks and PPE which they change frequently.

  • We clean all the donor-touched areas after each collection.

  • We use only sterile tools for blood donation.

Come forward to be a part of the noble cause of saving other’s lives during this crisis of COVID-19 and help sustain the nation’s chain of blood supply.

Lt. Col (Dr.) Rajiv Gupta (Retd.) | Anaesthesia | Sarvodaya Hospital

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