Advanced Knee Replacement with Medial Pivot & Vitamin E Poly

Struggling with knee pain that limits your daily activities? At Sarvodaya Hospital, Sec 8, Faridabad, we offer innovative solutions to help you regain your natural movement. Dr. Sujoy Bhattacharjee, a leading expert in robotic joint replacement, performed North India's first successful implantation of the Ouro Excel Medial Pivot Knee, a revolutionary approach to knee replacement.

What Makes Medial Pivot with Vitamin E Poly Different?

Traditional knee replacements can sometimes feel stiff and limit your range of motion. The Medial Pivot with Vitamin E Poly addresses these concerns by offering several key benefits:

  • Natural Movement: This implant design mimics the natural movement of your healthy knee joint, allowing for a smoother and more flexible walking experience.
  • Stronger & Longer Lasting: The implant is made with high-strength materials, ensuring it can withstand daily wear and tear for years to come. Vitamin E Poly, a special material used in the implant, further enhances its durability.
  • Reduced Infection Risk: The implant design discourages bacteria from attaching, lowering the risk of infection, a potential complication of any surgery.
  • Improved Joint Health: Vitamin E Poly may help reduce cell damage within the joint, potentially contributing to a healthier overall joint environment.

Benefits You Can Feel:

With a Medial Pivot and Vitamin E Poly knee replacement, you can expect:

  • Reduced pain: The implant's design and materials minimize friction, leading to less pain and discomfort.
  • Improved flexibility: Enjoy a wider range of motion, allowing you to bend your knee more easily for activities like climbing stairs or squatting.
  • Greater confidence: Get back to the activities you love, knowing your knee replacement is strong and reliable.
  • Faster recovery: Modern surgical techniques and innovative implant designs can contribute to a quicker recovery time.

Ready to Take the First Step?

If you're considering knee replacement surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Sujoy Bhattacharjee at Sarvodaya Hospital, Sec 8 Faridabad. We'll discuss your individual needs and determine if the Medial Pivot with Vitamin E Poly implant is right for you. Don't let knee pain hold you back from living an active life. Take control of your movement and rediscover the joy of pain-free mobility. Call 1800 313 1414 today.

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