Versa HD 6D Linac - For Advanced Radiotherapy

  • Offers unlimited possibilities regardless of anatomy, indication or complexity.
  • Provide a single platform to deliver advanced stereotactic treatments.
  • Conventional RT throughout the body, including the brain, delivering the flexibility to treat more patients and a wider variety of indications.

Discovery Iq Pet CT - For High-quality CT Scan

  • Molecular imaging which enables to discover minutest reproducible evidence.
  • Provides accurate and confident findings.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Accurate monitoring of dose and scan time.

Cuvis Joint Robot System - For Robotic Knee Replacement

North India with the First Fully Active Joint Replacement Robot - CUVIS Fully Active Robotic Joint Replacement system is a first-of-its-kind robot that conducts the cutting and milling too under the supervision of an experienced surgeon. This technology immeasurably enhances the replacement procedure by providing maximum accuracy and the option of mid-course correction due to constant feedback, to provide the best possible results in Joint Replacements.

Neov-1470nm Laser Machine - For Laser Proctology

Latest Generation NeoV-1470nm Laser Machine is used for performing Advanced Laser Proctology to treat Hemorrhoids, Fissure, Fistula, Pilonidal Sinus and Varicose Veins.
  • A highly advanced microsurgical instrument for Laser Procedures
  • Slim optical fibres delivering highest quality circular emission
  • Short fibre tip for enhanced access into smaller and curved tracts
  • Energy delivered at 1470 nm wavelength offers smooth ablation of diseased veins
  • Dedicated laser marking for precise positioning of the probe within the tract

Spyglass DS II Direct Visualization System - For Diagnosis & Treatment Of Biliary Or Pancreatic Duct Related Ailments

SpyGlass DS System conducts high-resolution imaging and therapy during an ERCP procedure (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography) to precisely diagnose biopsies and fragment stones and help treat biliary or pancreatic duct-related ailments.
  • High-end examination reduces the need for multiple testing and repeat procedures, enabling patients treated sooner.
  • Enable direct visualization of the bile and pancreatic ducts and help obtain biopsy specimens, leading to the diagnosis, and direct stone therapy.
  • Enhanced diagnosis, shorter procedure times, and low radiation exposure.
  • Increased resolution with new CMOS chip.
  • Advanced lighting that reduces light flare and improves light in the video to provide an enhanced view of the lumen.

Amulet Innovality - For Digital Mammography

Amulet Innovality brings an advanced form of mammography that utilizes digital receptors and high-end technology instead of X-ray film to examine breast tissue for the detection of breast cancer.
  • Conducts faster and low-dose examinations using a unique new detector.
  • Can perform Tomosynthesis to investigate the internal structure of the breast.
  • Optimizes the x-ray dose with intelligent AEC, depending upon the breast type.
  • Has a dedicated mammography acquisition workstation

Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (Ecmo) - For Supporting Patients With Serious Respiratory/Cardiac Failure

Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) supports patients with life-threatening but reversible Respiratory and/or Cardiac failure.
  • It is a modified version of Cardio-Pulmonary Bypass (CPB) used for critical patients. It helps in supporting patients’ life while their underlying pathology is getting treated.
  • Used in Intensive Care Units, Cardiac Catherization labs, Cardiac Operation rooms, and Emergency Departments.
  • ECMO also supports patients’ life in cases of Snake bites, Scorpion stings and Celphos poisoning.

Zeiss Tivato 700 Microscope - For Advanced Neurosurgery

Faridabad’s First & Most Advanced Surgical Microscope.
  • 4K Camera Technology helps neurosurgeons work through small incisions, reducing scarring and damage to surrounding tissues.
  • Specialized Illumination ensures less brain tissue damage due to equipment generated heat.
  • Utmost Clarity and Magnification in the deepest areas of the brain enables a precise surgery.

Bronchovideoscope (BF Type P150 & 1T150) - For An Advanced Respiratory Diagnosis

Bronchovideoscope is used to detect distal branches of the bronchi for advanced diagnostic techniques. The latest technology by Olympus is compatible with a wide range of electrosurgical instruments and laser treatment methods.

-BF TYPE P150: The slim design with a 2.0 mm channel allows smooth insertion into the bronchi ensuring comfort to the patient. It produces high-quality images of the tracheobronchial tree facilitating better investigation.

-BF TYPE 1T150: It is designed specifically with a 2.8 mm channel to accommodate a wide range of endo-therapy accessories and allow strong suction power while the device is passed through.

Tilt Table Motorised - For Evaluating The Cause Of Unexplained Fainting (Syncope)

  • Tilt Table is used to perform the 'Head-Up Tilt Table test (HUTT)' for evaluating the cause of unexplained fainting (syncope).
  • It adjusts body position from horizontal to vertical to simulate a standing-up position.
  • Equipped with strong straps delivering tight grip while tilting the patient.
  • Motorised Technology for changing the patient position.
  • Fitted with Tilt Angle Indicator.

Cusa Excel + Ultrasonic Surgical Aspiration System - For Removing Complex Brain Tumors

  • Increases the removal ability of tenacious collagen-rich, fibrous tumours in neurology.
  • The optimised design creates shear stresses within fibrous tissue.
  • 180° abrasive surface for avoiding any damage around critical structures.
  • The longitudinal motion enables precision bone removal.
  • Small diameter for improved visualization and access to the surgical site.

Sonosite Edge II Ultrasound System - For Advanced Ultrasonography

  • Best suited for operating rooms, critical care environment, emergency situations & bedside ultrasonography.
  • Enhanced image quality for precision imaging.
  • Better visualization of nerves and vessels.
  • Deliver high-quality colour flow examination.

Holmium Laser - For Laser Urological Procedures

  • Most Advanced laser system for all endourological applications like HoLEP, fragmentation of all kinds of stones – bladder stones, renal stones, and other ureteric stones, treatment of tumors & strictures.
  • Precise Tissue Penetration ability with excellent hemostatic effect without charring and deep thermal necrosis.
  • Any size of prostate can be enucleated.
  • Provides rapid endoscopic removal of soft tissues and reduce operating time.

Gamma Camera - For Functional Imaging Of Organs

The Department of Nuclear Medicine & PET CT at Sarvodaya Cancer Institute has the state of art facility with the most advanced Gamma Camera in North India.
  • Our gamma camera is a dual head SPECT system capable to excellent functional imaging of individual organ systems.
  • It can do the kidney scans (DTPA, DMSA), whole body bone scan, thyroid scan, cardiac scan (stress thallium) etc. SPECT enhances sensitivity and specificity of the modality making it a great addendum to the routine radiological procedures.
  • It is a safe, painless and cost effective technique to image specific organs and treat diseases as it provides information at the cellular level, this helps to identify the disease in ts initial stage
  • Highly effective for detecting disease in endocrine system, central nervous system, skeletal system, infections in any body parts, hepatobiliary and gastrointestinal system, urogenital system, cardiac & pulmonary systems.

Co2 Laser Machine - For Voice Disorder & Oral Cavity Diseases

Savodaya Hospital houses a revolutionary new laser treatment for voice disorders & diseases in Larynx. The delicacy and minimally invasive operative method of CO2 lasers have made it the first-line treatment of voice, vocal cord problems & oral cavity diseases.
  • Unlike open surgery, CO2 lasers can remove cancer with fewer disturbances to structures, nerves and tissues.
  • This advanced CO2 laser system enables highly controlled, smart tissue management for treating delicate anatomy and preservation of healthy tissues.
  • The advantages of this CO2 laser technique are the precision incision, minimum blood loss, suture-free procedure, and minimal thermal damage to the healthy tissues, minimal disturbance to the structure, nerves, and tissues.

Fibroscan-touch 502 - For Monitoring Progression Or Regression Of Liver Disease

  • Prevent liver damage with a Fibroscan-touch 502.
  • Fibroscan is a state-of-the-art , non-invasive and accurate technology that helps in monitoring the progression or regression of liver disease.

Olympus SIF Q180

  • It enables effective enteroscopy procedures particularly in complex cases.
  • The single balloon enteroscope cab be quickly and easily prepared for use.

Endobronchial Ultrasound (Ebus Eu - Me1) - Ebus

EBUS, a minimally invasive procedure, is used to detect lung cancer, infections, and enlarged lymph nodes in the chest. It is the only endoscopic ultrasound processor to integrate electronic and mechanical scanning providing superb ultrasound image quality which produces high-resolution images. It is considered ideal for techniques like EBUS-TBNA, radial EBUS with miniature probes, EBUS Guide Sheath technique, or EUS-FNA.

Ge Optima Igs 320

  • Designed for Cardiac and Electrophysiology procedures
  • Providing superior image quality at lowest possible dose
  • Sophisticated procedures with greater precision

Revolution Acts CT Scan

Deliver advancement in image reconstruction technology enabling us to scan patients more efficiently. Provide simpler and faster scanning with revolutionary digital tilt.

Litho Holmium Surgical Laser

Well-established laser technology on the global market, Litho Holmium Laser is utilized for treatment of stones. Apart from urology treatments, it can be used in resection and ablation of distinct soft tissues.

Logiq S7 Ultrasound

Next Generation Design with XD clear imaging quality. Deliver optimized image quality for all patient body types. Have automated tools that help enhance image quality like increased contrast resolution and improved border definition.

Treadmill Test Machine

Computer-based cardiac workstation which delivers resting & exercise ECG report in one unit.

Heliophos D X-ray Generator

Used for advanced radiographic diagnostic procedures of the skeletal system, respiratory system, obstetric pelvis, spinal column and gastro intestinal tract.

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