Jun 26, 2023

Step Ladder Operation Successfully Treats Fluid Leakage from Neck, Rare Congenital Issue

Nitesh, an 11-year-old boy from Chandigarh, who had been suffering from a rare congenital issue called Branchial Sinus treated successfully at Sarvodaya Hospital, Sec 8, Faridabad. Dr. Shweta Kumari, a highly skilled Paediatric Surgeon at Sarvodaya Hospital, diagnosed and performed a successful Step Ladder Operation to address this challenging condition.

From the age of 6 months, Nitesh had a pin-sized hole on his neck, which leaked a small amount of fluid almost daily, and the leakage increased when pressure was applied to the neck area. Initially mistaken for sweat by his parents, they sought medical advice as the condition persisted and became more frequent. Despite consulting multiple doctors, the underlying issue remained undetected until Nitesh visited Sarvodaya Hospital, Sec 8, Faridabad and met Dr. Shweta Kumari, Consultant - Paediatric Surgery.

Dr. Shweta's expertise and diagnostic capabilities revealed that Nitesh was suffering from Branchial sinus, a rare congenital abnormality where a hole forms in the neck during the fetal development of the face. Immediate treatment was crucial to prevent the condition from leading to potential infections.

To address this challenging condition, Dr. Shweta and her team performed a Step Ladder Operation, carefully removing the tract responsible for the leakage from its roots. The surgery, lasting approximately one and a half hours, required precision and thoroughness to ensure complete removal and minimize the risk of infection or recurrence.

Following the successful procedure, Nitesh was discharged from hospital the very next day, on his way to a full recovery. His case serves as a reminder to parents to seek immediate medical attention for any unusual signs or symptoms in children and consult with a qualified paediatric surgeon. Ignoring such signs can lead to infections, pain, and even potentially cancerous conditions in later life.

Sarvodaya Hospital takes pride in the expertise and dedication of its medical professionals, who continue to make significant strides in the field of paediatric surgery. The successful treatment of Nitesh's Branchial sinus is a testament to the hospital's commitment to delivering exceptional healthcare services and ensuring positive patient outcomes.

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