Flu Vaccine: A Dose Of Wellbeing For Children During COVID

Flu Vaccine: A Dose Of Wellbeing For Children During COVID

First wave of COVID majorly affected the elderlies and people with comorbidities. Second wave roared over middle-aged groups among others. As this mayhem started to pacify, there erupted a fear amongst parents that the next rush may put their children at an undetermined risk. Since we know it is likely to happen, we want to avoid all possible danger beforehand by being utmost careful.

By now we know that COVID isn’t lenient to anyone, when the time comes it will not spare children as well. It is better to prepare them by not sidelining the seasonal flu & common cold, which is common in children, that brings respiratory issues. Thereby, it’s essential that they receive their flu vaccination at the earliest.

 Flu Symptoms Versus COVID-19 Symptoms?

 Besides the signs of respiratory conditions, following conditions of flu resemble with symptoms of COVID-19:

  • Sore throat
  • Runny Nose
  • Loss of sense of smell
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Headache or body ache or muscle pain

 Since last year, we are not in a position to ignore mildest of these symptoms for the fear of COVID. It might be a seasonal flu & not the destructive COVID-19, but we’re clinging to fear. In such a condition “precaution is better than treatment”.

Significance Of Flu Shots

Until the first six months of birth, children have got their immunity from mother’s milk to fight the infections. Thus, flu shots are required to be first given at six months after a child’s birth, and then every year until five years of age.

Once the kids are vaccinated, it helps them to:

 Build their immunity

  • Minimize risk of respiratory problems
  • Prevent them from becoming infection spreaders
  • Reduce possibilities of hospital visits
  • Lower the chances of catching other viral infections

 Beyond these benefits, healthy children lead better lifestyles, clearly because very less of their time is spent in disease management. Additionally, it keeps their parents less tense & more relieved; also maintains a happier and healthier atmosphere in their homes.

 Prevent Flu & Thus Reduce Effect Of COVID-19 In Kids

 According to research reports, children who were flu vaccinated have been found to develop less severe respiratory illnesses as well as less severe COVID-19 symptoms.

We always tend to prohibit every slightest probability of threat to our children, as we are staying indoors, we are arranging sufficient indoor activities for kids to keep them suitably & happily occupied. Coupled with this, we shall continue to practice wearing masks, hand hygiene & social distancing.

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