Do Not Let Constant Pain Slow Down The Pace Of Life - Non Invasive Pain Management

Do Not Let Constant Pain Slow Down The Pace Of Life - Non Invasive Pain Management

As our life is getting more stressed and working hours increase, the incidence of degenerative spine diseases has become common among people leading to excruciating back pain. When one experiences consistent pain, the most common solution they end up to is self-medicating with over-the-counter pain medication. However, with chronic pain, medications only provide temporary relief.

Till very recently, the only solutions that any neurosurgeon /spine surgeon could offer to their patients were medicines and if that fails, surgery. Now, owing to a better understanding of spine biomechanics, we have a modality in our armamentarium known as spinal interventions.

Many patients who would not benefit from conservative management and/or physiotherapy now have an alternative wherein surgery is not required and yet pain is completely cured.

Non-Invasive Pain Management

The Non-invasive method to manage long-term pain consists of specifically identifying the pain trigger and delivering targeted injections at the specific point by using fluoroscopy or ultrasound guidance. The procedure is performed with the patient fully awake under local anaesthesia. The procedure ensures complete freedom from pain within minutes of the procedure.

The patient can be discharged after an hour of the procedure and is able to comfortably perform usual activities from that very moment.

Different Spinal interventions are:

  • Facet blocks
  • Transforaminal injections
  • Caudal epidural injection
  • Discography and ventral nerve root block
  • Ganglion block for intractable pain

Most of the patients demonstrate up to 70-80 percent pain relief within few minutes of the procedure which progresses to 95-100% pain relief over the next few days. As the pain disappears, one can work on the spine with back strengthening exercises and posture modulation and thus reverse the degenerative process in the spine.

At Sarvodaya Healthcare, we are well-resourced with a highly skilled team of doctors, physiotherapists, and advanced alternative methods for the treatment of complex spine pain which not only provide comprehensive pain management but a complete cure.