Top Dermatology Doctors in Manipur

The dermatologists in Manipur at Sarvodaya Hospital stand at the forefront of skincare excellence. Our skin specialists offer specialization in PRP Therapies, Acne Treatment, Scar Repair, Keratosis Pilaris, Eczema, and more. Skin doctors adopt a holistic approach which not only ensures symptom relief but long-term skin health. From diagnosis to treatment, we offer excellence at every step of your journey. Through personalized treatment tailored to your skin needs, we pave the path for radiant, healthy skin. Say hello to a brighter and more confident you with Sarvodaya's dermatology care!
Dr. Shruti Kohli | Dermatology | Sarvodaya Hospital

Dr. Shruti Kohli

Senior Consultant - Dermatology


Dr. Astha Gupta | Dermatology | Sarvodaya Hospital

Dr. Astha Gupta

Consultant- Dermatology


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