Feb 10, 2024

6-Year-Old Bleeding Out, Broken Bones: Paediatric Surgery Team at Sarvodaya Saves Boy's Life in Race Against Time

A 6-year-old boy's life was saved at Sarvodaya Hospital, Sec 8, Faridabad thanks to the swift action of a paediatric surgical team led by Dr. Shweta Kumari, Consultant - Paediatric Surgery. The boy, who fell onto an aquarium at home, arrived at the emergency department shortly after 1 am on Sunday night with a deep abdominal laceration (deep cut on the belly) and rapidly worsening conditions.

Quick Assessment and Critical Decision-Making

Though X-rays initially showed no specifics, a CT scan revealed a potentially life-threatening picture: rib fracture hemothorax, significant bleeding, and potential internal injuries. The team wasted no time in preparing for surgery after thoroughly explaining the situation and potential risks to the parents.

Successful Surgery and Teamwork

The surgery revealed a massive pool of blood outside the blood vessels around his belly and active bleeding from a fractured rib artery. Dr. Shweta, along with her team of anesthesiologists, OT technicians, and nurses, performed a complex repair of the bleeding vessel, drained the internal blood, and carefully examined the abdominal organs to rule out further damage. The intricate operation and the coordinated efforts of the entire team proved successful.

The young boy remained under close monitoring in the intensive care unit but recovered well and was discharged after five days. He is now doing well following two weeks of follow-up care. However, this case serves as a stark reminder of the importance of child safety measures at home, especially regarding fragile items that are made of glass and gives out a message that any paediatric trauma should be managed under the guided and abled vigilance of a paediatric surgeon.

"Let’s make home a safe place for little lives.”

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