Surgical Oncology: Treatment Procedures and Recovery
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Surgical Oncology: Treatment Procedures and Recovery

The broad field of oncology has distinct ways to treat and diagnose cancer. The field include many subspecialties and their distinct ways of treatment. Medical Oncology often relies on chemotherapy and drugs to control cancer cells, whereas radiation oncology has its treatment based on radiation therapy. Haemato oncology deals with blood cancers. Surgical oncology is the branch of cancer that is based on surgical removal of cancer from the body.

Who Is A Surgical Oncologist?

A surgeon who is specially trained in performing surgical removal of cancer involved in diagnosis of cancer biopsies.

What's The Goal Of Surgical Oncology?

  • Diagnosing cancer with higher precision through biopsy procedures.
  • Determining the location, spread, and effect of cancer on other organs.
  • Removing the tumour with high accuracy and without damaging other unaffected areas.

The different types of oncology surgeries are:

  1. Curative Surgery: Performed when the location of the tumour is static to one single location and a surgical oncologist can remove the entire tumour.
  2. Supportive surgery: Surgeries aligned to relieve some particular symptoms of a patient but without removing the whole tumour, which could not be removed as it is a extreme disease.

How Is Cancer Surgery Performed?

The two common types of surgery are open method and minimally invasive method. In open surgery, the surgical oncologist will make an incision to remove the entire tumour. Whereas minimally invasive surgery involves techniques like Laparoscopy, where with the help of very minute incisions, the whole tumour can be removed. Ths type of surgery is of great boon to cancer patients as there is less pain in post surgical period, less hospital stay and the outcomes are as good as the open surgical method. Laser surgery where a narrow beam of high-intensity light is used to remove the tumour.

Are You In Need Of A Surgical Oncologist In Faridabad?

Sarvodaya Cancer Institute brings highly skilled oncology team comprises one of professionals specializing in the fields of surgical oncology, medical oncology, hematology-oncology, bone marrow transplant, nuclear medicines, and genomic oncology.


The surgical oncologist team at Sarvodaya Healthcare has huge experience in treating advanced stages of cancer. They take time to answer the questions and concerns. The surgical oncologist works closely with other teams having nutritionists, rehab therapists, to anticipate and manage side effects of surgery.

Happy patients bear the testimony of the quality of treatment provided at Sarvodaya.

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