Precision Oncology: A breakthrough approach in the diagnosing and treating cancer
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Precision Oncology: A breakthrough approach in the diagnosing and treating cancer

The treatment of cancer varies depending on the type of cancer which is more than 200. The way it affects varies from person to person. Significant advances in technology and the availability of genetic testing have resulted in a new revolutionary approach to treatment known as "Precision Medicine." It employs genetic testing to create a proper and better treatment plan for an individual patient. Oncologists can use this more precise approach to help patients better manage their disease. However, the emergence of this new way of treatment has raised many questions so let's answer them one by one.

What Is Oncology?

Oncology is the medical term for cancer treatment. Oncologists are a physician that specializes in treating cancer. They typically work with other physicians in diagnosing and treating cancer patients. In order to better understand how a patient is responding to treatment, oncologists will usually monitor their tumor markers for signs of improvement. They also monitor the patient's health for other potential problems.

What Is Precision Oncology?

Precision medicine is a way to treat cancer that involves deep dive diagnosis technique that uses patient’s genetic medical history, and lifestyle habits to determine what treatment will work best for them. Precision oncology is an approach that looks at the gene mutations in cancer cells to diagnose individualized treatment plans. This can help doctors make better decisions about which medicines and therapies are best for each patient.

How Precision Oncology Helps Cancer Patients?

Cancer is often a diagnosis that comes with a lot of confusion. The oncologist will tell the patient about what type of treatment they recommend and then the patient has to decide whether or not to go through with it. A new way of treating cancer is "Precision Oncology." Based on a patient’s condition, doctors plan out their whole treatment and help patients by giving them detailed information about their type of cancer, possible treatments, and prognosis. The main goal is to give the patient as much information as possible in order for them to make an informed decision.

How Does Precision Oncology Work?

Precision oncology harnesses next-generation, sequencing treatments for each cancer patient. Doctors take a tumour sample, isolate the DNA from it, and then sequence the genes that are driving its growth. Doctors can then use this information to identify which treatments are most likely to work for their patient's specific cancer. This has many benefits for patients because it helps doctors customize treatment plans and select medicines that are more likely to work for them.

This new way of treating cancer is an exciting advancement because precision oncology alleviates the need for unnecessary medications or therapies. Patients can also avoid treatments that might make their tumors grow even faster because doctors will be able to use precision oncology to find the one that works best on their tumour type and genes structure.

Other Names For Precision Oncology

This new treatment is sometimes called Targeted Therapy. This is because it allows doctors to prescribe more targeted medications that are less invasive and have minimal side effects. It combines powerful therapies with DNA sequencing to better determine what types of cancer are most likely to respond to the treatment.


There is a lot of hope for precision oncology. With more precise treatment methods, cancer patients could have a better quality of life and live longer. Sarvodaya Healthcare has always strived to serve patients with superior care supported by the latest treatments. Precision Oncology is a step towards our mission. We understand the misery of our patients and through our latest treatment; we provide the best cancer treatment in India to our patients.

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