Nuclear Medicine, The Next Generation Molecular Theranostics
Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Theranostics

Nuclear Medicine, The Next Generation Molecular Theranostics

Have you ever thought about how ‘difficult to reach’ areas of our body such as intestines, blood vessels, and muscles are tested and treated? Nuclear medicine is a specialized type of medical science that uses radioactive materials, or radiopharmaceuticals, to diagnose functions and structure of these organs. Nuclear medicine test and provide information that is usually difficult to obtain through conventional imaging modalities. It provides the most accurate diagnosis and treatment information for a wide range of disorders, where in general diagnosis is either not sufficient or difficult to perform.

It is a combination of Therapy & Diagnostics and is popularly known as Molecular Theranostics.

Role of Nuclear Medicine In Advanced Diagnosis

A very small amount of radioactive materials is used to visualize the organs that help doctors to locate and detect the abnormality, size of any tumors and other physiological or functional problems of an organ.

There are two types of imaging techniques PET (Positron Emission Tomography) and SPECT (Single-Photon Emission Computed Technology). Both of the scans provide detailed information about the functioning of the organ targeted. These are particularly helpful for diagnosing thyroid disease, gallbladder disease, cancer, and heart ailments.

Use Of Interventional Nuclear Medicine In Treatment

The radiopharmaceuticals used in imaging are also used for treatment. For instance, radioactive iodine has been used for treating thyroid cancer, hyperthyroidism for over 50 years.

Trials are being made to embed chemotherapy into medication imaging agents targeting only cancer cells. In a manner killing only the malignant cells and not surrounding healthy tissue.

RIT is a mixture of nuclear medicines and immunotherapy, targeting more directly to the cells that need it.

The centre for Nuclear Medicines at Sarvodaya Hospital in Faridabad is one of the most advanced facilities in North India equipped with advanced 4D PET CT scans and Gamma cameras coupled with Versa HD 6D LINAC to deliver precise results and effective treatment.

This machine offers unlimited possibilities regardless of anatomy, indication or complexity. It provides a single platform to deliver advanced stereotactic treatments.

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