Night Cries - Normal Or Indicate Neural Issue In Your Baby?

Night Cries - Normal Or Indicate Neural Issue In Your Baby?

Sound sleep is as important and relieving for babies as it is for adults. Parents ensure a healthy routine for their babies so that they can get a good quality of rest at night. Some babies normally take more than a few weeks to get to a proper sleeping routine, whereas some develop it right away.

At times there are worrisome conditions for parents when their baby night-cries a lot. The common causes for a baby crying could be hunger, dirty diaper, fatigue, noise, some mild sickness (gas, acidity, allergy, or pain), or fear. If the problem persists, baby’s vitals can be checked or it may indicate Neurological Condition that can also cause sleeplessness or excessive weeping at night.

Night Terror

Night terror can be seen in few babies, which make them wake up from a sound sleep and get restless, scream, sweat, thrash, have open or glassy eyes with rapid breathing & heartbeat at night. It surely becomes terrifying for parents when they seem to be helpless in controlling such conditions. The time babies are experiencing night terror, they may also not respond to your attempts to comfort them because, even if their eyes are open, they are still asleep. After the terror attack passes, your baby will fall back into deep sleep and will not be able to recall anything.

Night terror is caused due to over-stimulation. A baby’s daily life is full of new things to explore which becomes exciting for them and it causes stimulation. Their central nervous system (CNS) is very sensitive to all of that stimulation which leads to over-stimulated brain and contribute to night terrors.

Other things that can increase the risk of a night terror includes – sickness, certain medications, overtired, stress, new sleep surroundings or time and poor sleep quality.

Every child is unique and they have a distinct nervous system. They need special care from professionals who are exclusively trained to understand their layout of nerves and heal them.

At the Centre for Child Care, we offer comprehensive care for all kinds of neurological disorders by a Paediatric Neurologist through medical, surgical, & other therapeutic procedures. We are equipped with advanced diagnostic equipment for early detection and timely treatment of kids with neurological conditions. We offer a wide spectrum of therapies, medical treatment and precise surgical methods to deal with wide variety of neurological disorders.

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