The ultrasound scans help our Fetal Medicine doctors in keeping a check on the baby’s health and development. Different scans are done at different stages of the pregnancy, that includes:

Fetal Viability Scan: Checks the baby's growth, especially in mothers with pre-eclampsia, diabetes, growth restriction or some other pregnancy-related complications.
First-Trimester Scan: Calculates the gestational age and the baby’s due date. It can also detect the underlying soft markers of Down Syndrome. 
Anomaly Scan Or Level II Scan: Gives a detailed picture of the baby’s organs and body parts. It can also detect structural abnormalities and soft markers of chromosomal aneuploidy
Fetal Wellbeing Scan: Required in mothers with pre-eclampsia, diabetes, growth restriction or other pregnancy-related complications.
Obstetric Dopplers: Monitors high-risk pregnancies and the appropriate time of delivery. 
Multiple Pregnancy Scan: Offered to women with multiple pregnancies at around 11 to 14 weeks to find the type of placenta and membranes of their twins.

Advanced Ultrasound Scans

3D/4D Scans: Provides high-dimensional visuals of the baby’s face, lips and sometimes hands and legs and can be performed at any time after an early pregnancy scan.
Fetal Echocardiography: Performed to rule out any structural, rhythmic or functional abnormalities in the heart of the baby. It is especially required in cases where the first child is affected with a heart problem or a raised NT is detected in the first trimester.

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