Apr 25, 2022

Successfully Performed 3rd Case of TAVR (TAVI)

Our team of Advanced Cardiac Care successfully performed our 3rd TAVR case. The patient was shifted out of ICU within 48 hours and is ready to go home within 4 days.

79-year-old gentleman had a history of recurrent left ventricular failure and frequent hospitalization in the last 2 years. His 2D ECHO showed Critical Aortic Stenosis with a gradient of 120 mm Hg (Peak) and 76 mm Hg (mean) with moderate to severe MR and LVEF of 40 %.

Therefore, after Medical Stabilization he was advised for TAVI (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation) which was performed successfully. Post Procedure the mitral regurgitation reduced to a mild to moderate range and LVEF improved from 40 to 50%.

Special Thanks to Dr. Amit Kumar, Senior Consultant – Cardiology and Dr. L K Jha, Associate Director - Cardiology who has always been of great encouragement and support.

Great support was provided by Dr. Vineeta Goyal, HOD & Senior Consultant - Critical Care for stabilizing patients pre and post-procedure and Dr. Vipin Gupta, Associate Consultant - Pulmonology for all the Pulmonology care.

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