Nov 13, 2023

A Medical Milestone, First Time in Faridabad - Minimally Invasive Treatment of Esophageal Cancer

In a remarkable medical breakthrough, 75-year-old dentist and local resident of Faridabad, Nanak Chand Pahwa, has defied the odds and successfully conquered Cancer of Esophagus (food pipe) through an innovative and minimally invasive procedure performed by Dr. Naveen Sanchety, Director - Surgical Oncology and Dr. Arjun Goel, Senior Consultant & Head – General & Minimally Invasive Surgery, Sarvodaya Hospital, Sec 8, Faridabad. Mr. Pahwa's condition was life-threatening, and the cancer was about to spread to other vital organs, but timely intervention with the state-of-the-art Transthoracic Video Assisted Esophagectomy with Gastric Mobilization and Esophagogastrostomy (McKeown), a minimally invasive treatment has not only saved his life but also set a groundbreaking precedent in the medical history of Faridabad.

"Carcinoma esophagus, a rare and aggressive form of cancer, primarily affects the elderly and often presents in its advanced stages. In Mr. Pahwa's case, early detection and immediate intervention were crucial for his survival. The surgery, known as the Transthoracic Video Assisted Esophagectomy with Gastric Mobilization and Esophagogastrostomy (McKeown), is a minimally invasive technique that has proven to be a game-changer in the field of esophageal cancer treatment. This marks the first instance in Faridabad where a patient has undergone such a procedure for carcinoma esophagus.” said Dr. Naveen Sanchety.

The minimally invasive surgical technique offers numerous advantages, including:

  • significantly reduced post-operative pain
  • accelerated recovery
  • enhanced visualization during surgery
  • improved disease clearance

These benefits have not only expedited Mr. Pahwa's return to normal life but have also set a new standard in the approach to carcinoma esophagus treatment.

"Since the surgery, Mr. Pahwa has made an impressive recovery, and he is now leading a normal life, including a healthy diet and the ability to perform his daily activities with ease. His case serves as a testament to the effectiveness of innovative medical procedures in overcoming life-threatening conditions.” said Dr. Arjun Goel.

Mr. Pahwa's journey from a dire medical diagnosis to a full recovery showcases the power of medical innovation and the dedication of healthcare professionals in Faridabad. His story serves as a beacon of hope for others facing similar challenges and highlights the importance of early intervention and access to cutting-edge medical treatments.


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