The Future of Cancer Treatment: Precision Oncology
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The Future of Cancer Treatment: Precision Oncology

Cancer is a frightening diagnosis. Presently many treatments are available to treat cancer but lack of technology and skill support may become a hindrance in bringing latest advancements. Recently, Precision medicine or Precision Oncology is a term that's been thrown around more and more. It is a step in the direction of providing better cancer treatments. It focuses on treating a patient's individual needs, rather than just providing them a regular cancer treatment. In this blog, we'll look at what precision medicine actually is and how it could change the way doctors treat cancer patients.

What Is Precision Medicine?

Precision medicine is a way of providing healthcare that considers individual differences in people's genes and other characteristics. In this way, the goal is to provide a more tailored approach to treatment - one that provides the best care for each individual.

Precision medicine investigates how a specific gene mutation may influence a person's likelihood of developing a certain cancer or, if they already have cancer, how their genes (or genes in their cancer cells) may influence the therapy.

The method employs information from genetic testing to assist doctors in developing a treatment plan, which typically includes extremely precise suggestions. Precision medicine can help in producing a more accurate diagnosis and enhance therapy in some circumstances. In other circumstances, it can assist patients in making decisions about preventive measures if they are at risk for a certain cancer.

What Are The Benefits Of Precision Medicine?

Scientists have been trying to find a cure for cancer for hundreds of years. The problem is that cancer cells are unique, which means they don't always respond the same way to treatments. One-way scientists are trying to fix this issue is with precision medicine.

Cancer treatment is full of risks and side effects. The most common form of cancer treatment is surgery which has potential for both benefits and risks. When it comes to radiation therapy or chemotherapy treatments, the risks are even higher because they may weaken the immune system and cause other bodily harm. Precision medicine on other place can offers a new approach to cancer treatment as it targets specific mutations in an individual's DNA that would otherwise go unnoticed. This allows physicians to attack cancer at its root while avoiding more devastating side effects on a patient's body.


Precision medicine will allow us to customize treatments and cures for specific people, instead of using treatments that are based on average patient characteristics. This is an important step towards curing these diseases. Sarvodaya Healthcare has always worked to provide patients with outstanding care that is backed up by cutting-edge therapies. We understand our patients' anguish, and we strive to deliver the finest cancer treatment in India to them with our latest treatment. Freshly diagnosed or need a second opinion at any stage of cancer, consult our doctors for an alternative and precision based approach.

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