Safety Tips for A Healthy Diwali
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Safety Tips for A Healthy Diwali

Diwali is round the corner and we all have started preparing for the celebration. It is the time when we get together with family to celebrate a happy and safe Diwali. But we also know that a moment of carelessness can lead to unwanted accidents and lifelong guilts. Therefore, our health experts have shared some Diwali safety tips so that you can enjoy a happy Diwali.

First Aid Box:

Always keep a first-aid box handy as we know that precaution is always better than cure. The kit must contain burn-relief ointments, bandage for bruises/cuts and antiseptic solution etc.

Safety With Firecrackers:

Buy only good quality crackers and burst them in open areas. Also, keep a fire extinguisher handy along with a few buckets of water and sand. Always light the crackers from a safe distance to avoid unfortunate possibilities of your clothes catching fire. It is best to wear cotton clothes while firing the crackers as synthetic/silk clothes easily catch fire. Also, dispose off the burnt crackers safely.

Air Pollution:

Crackers and fireworks usually result in air pollution. The smoke generated can lead to breathing problems, eye problems and other health issue too. It is best to avoid burning crackers or moving around such smoky areas if you have any breathing issues. Also, consider wearing a mask while moving through such smoky areas.

Diwali Sweets And Food:

Diwali is all about tempting food items and sweets. But before getting into this world of temptation consider some moderations for health safety. Here are few Diwali tips you must remember. Avoid overeating as it may lead to indigestion or other stomach discomfort. Besides that, also avoid eating oily or junk food to avoid future complications. The best idea is to eat small meals in a shorter time-gap to go well throughout the day.

Let’s celebrate a happy and healthy Diwali with these tips to celebrate healthy safe Diwali 2022. Happy Diwali!

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