7 Expert Tips to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

7 Expert Tips to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

The recent data released by the Indian Society of Nephrology (ISN) shows that in India, 1 in every 10 adults suffers from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). The estimates also indicate that 9 out of 10 patients may not even know about their kidney conditions. Another important note to take from the study is that 20% of the CKD patients were found to be of aged 38 years or less. The rising kidney ailment among young Indians is alarming and it’s time to take kidney health seriously.

Here Are Some Tips Shared By Our Kidney Treatment Experts:

Keep Yourself Hydrated Adequately:

The most common reason behind kidney ailments is inadequate intake of water. Water intake helps your body to stay hydrated to flush out toxins and keep your kidneys healthy. The recommended water intake for adults is 8 glasses per day. However, if you are already under any sort of kidney treatment, then follow your doctor’s instructions for the same.

Vitamin C

Vitamins C plays an important role in dissolving kidney stones. It also promotes good kidney health. Food rich in vitamin C such as grapes, guava, orange, broccoli and bell papers functions effectively to keep our kidneys healthy.


Anti-inflammatory properties in apple help to heal kidney infections and ailments quite efficiently. Apples also have nutritious properties that help in maintaining acidity and preventing bacteria growth inside the kidneys.

Lemon Juice And Honey

Lemon juice and honey is the perfect combination that keeps our body healthy in the most effective way. The rich amount of citric acid present in lemons increases the level of urine citrate which helps in dissolving kidney stones. It also helps in reducing kidney stone-related pain.


Consuming dates soaked overnight in water works effectively in dissolving kidney stones. The fibre content in dates helps to reduce kidney stones and related pain. They are also rich in magnesium, copper, manganese and many other nutrients that help in keeping our kidneys healthy.

Kidney Beans

Kidney beans or rajma are immensely rich in proteins, soluble and insoluble fibres, and Vitamin B helps to regulate the smooth functioning of kidneys. They also help in dissolving and flushing out kidney stones. Rajma/kidney beans contain low glycaemic index which is good for diabetic patients.

Watch Blood Pressure

To watch blood pressure regularly is important not only for kidney health but for many other organs’ health too. High blood pressure increases the risk of kidney diseases and it is recommended for hypertensive patients to take proper treatment in order to live a healthy life.

Regular Exercise

Along with a well-balanced diet, regular physical exercise is also important to stave off obesity and high blood pressure. However, it is recommended to consult a Kidney Treatment expert before starting exercise routine if you already getting treated for any chronic conditions.

Quit Smoking

Smoking damages blood vessels which interrupt blood flow in the kidney leading to in-optimal functioning of the kidneys. Smoking also increases the risk of kidney cancer, high blood pressure and many other kidney ailments.

Say No To Over-The-Counter Medications

Overdoing over-the-counter medications such as paracetamol or ibuprofen can cause harm to our kidneys. Taking such medications regularly for a prolonged period without any prescription can be risky. If you are dealing with any chronic pain such as migraine or arthritis, speak to your doctor instead of overdoing over-the-counter medications.

The Big Takeaway

It is very important to take the right care of our body and eat appropriate food that helps in regulating our body functions. Also, avoid any chances of developing conditions that can risk your kidney health. “Eating healthy and doing minimal exercise every day is the least your body expects from you in order to stay healthy. Practicing these habits are not only specific to kidney health but for your overall health” says Sarvodaya Hospital’s Kidney Treatment experts. If you have high blood sugar, high blood pressure or any cardiovascular disease, then insist your doctor to screen for regular kidney dysfunction tests.

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