Use Heaters With Caution

Use Heaters With Caution

Blower, heater or Angithis are commonly used in winters for warmth. But health expert says “Use Heaters with Caution”  because inappropriate or excess use of these hot air blowing items can be dangerous.

Dr. Kamal Verma Director of neuro & spine surgery Sarvodaya Hospital says, the use of such heat generators e.g., Blower, heater reduces the level of essential oxygen and increases the level of carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide is harmful gas and with excess use of heaters it eventually reaches to blood through lungs and deteriorates the hemoglobin level in the body.

Reduced level of hemoglobin in the body makes the person unconscious and which can be fatal eventually.

He further added, that there is no harm in using Blower or Angithi for some time to get some warmth, but excessive and continuous use should be strictly prohibited.

He Also Suggests A Few Dos And Don’ts While Using Such Heat Generators

  1. Never use such items for long in closed rooms. Keep a window or door open for fresh air.
  2. Never sleep with Blower, heater or Angithi on for whole night, remember to switch them off before going to bed.
  3. Never step out in cold weather immediately after using warm blower, heater or Angithi. Spend couple of minutes away from the heater to regularize body temperature before you step out.
  4. Wear sufficient cloths to make yourself warm instead of spending long hours over heater or angithi.

Use heaters with caution and only to regularize temperature and do not use them long hours as habit. Be careful and ensure your loved ones are also well informed about the uses of such heat generators and hot air blowers. Stay safe and Healthy.