Centre for Cancer Care & Bone Marrow Transplant is a comprehensive multidisciplinary institute which brings in the latest technology with the most competent and highly skilled health care professionals under one roof. We offers end to end services from prevention to early detection, and from comprehensive treatment to palliative care under one roof. The centre of cancer hospital in Delhi NCR is supported by state-of-the-art equipments in centres of Pathology, Radiology and Blood Bank to provide safe blood and blood components as per international standards and regulations.

Sarvodaya offers cancer treatments which include Precision Oncology, Bone Marrow Transplant, Immunotherapy, Chemotherapy of all solid tumors, Biological therapy, Intra peritoneal chemotherapy, Intra vesical chemotherapy, Targeted chemotherapy & Hormonal therapy. The centre also undertakes Preventive Oncology by screening, cancer awareness & educational program and vaccination.

The centre is equipped to offer Autologous & Allogenic transplants using bone marrow, peripheral blood stem cells and cord blood stem cells for various benign and malignant disorders like Thalassemia, Aplastic Anaemia, Leukemia, Lymphomas, Multiple Myelomas and Advanced Pediatric Solid Tumors.

Sarvodaya Centre for Cancer Care provides following Facilities:

Cancer Screening

For early detection of cancer the screening programmes have been devised. One out of fourteen men/women will get affected by cancer in their lifetime. It can come anytime to anyone. Early detection can ensure prevention and/or cure in most of cases.

The cancer screening packages offered at Sarvodaya Wellness (Preventive Health Check)

Centre are:

  • Cancer Screening Male
  • Cancer Screening Female

Apart from the comprehensive preventive health check packages, the hospital also has world class technology, state-of- art laboratory and radio diagnosis facilities which not only enable early diagnosis but help our doctors in the management and prognosis of our patients.

Genetic Counselling

Every person is at risk for cancer, but each person’s risk is individual. Many factors affect a person’s risk, including genetics, gender, age, family history, history of hormone exposure, and others. Cancer risk assessment experts use tools to define a person’s risk to develop certain types of cancer. An important component of risk assessment estimates the chance that a gene mutation is responsible for causing the cancers in a family.

Cancer genetic counselor at Sarvodaya have expertise in cancer genetics and in the use of specialized tools and statistical data to estimate individual risk. They will recommend appropriate options for screening and management of cancer risk and suggest treatment and follow up care when cancer has already been diagnosed.

Cancer Awareness Program

Cure of cancer can be just prevention. We organize cancer awareness camps and health talks on regular basis in our community, so that the facts about cancer are correctly disseminated in the society and importance of timely diagnosis is known to the members of our community.

Psycho-social Counseling

Sarvodaya Cancer Centre has the best supportive care facilities in the form of Psychosocial therapies for the management of cancer. It includes:

  • Complete emotional support
  • Psychological and spiritual support
  • Palliative care to ensure better quality of life

Cancer Survivorship Program

Cancer and its treatment can have long-lasting or late-onset effects on your body. The Sarvodaya Cancer Center Survivorship Program can offer you support, treatment and education in the years after completing cancer treatment.

The Survivorship Program is to help survivors understand, prevent and manage the medical and psychosocial effects of having cancer and receiving treatment. The Survivorship Program empowers survivors to take charge of their renewed health and teaches them how to educate their family members and healthcare team regarding their needs.

The Survivorship Program has two distinct areas of focus.

Clinical Care

We provide individualized survivorship care plans that empower survivors with knowledge about their cancer diagnosis and treatment, address the chronic effects of cancer and its therapy, provide monitoring recommendations to allow for early identification of treatment-related sequelae, and promote health-protective behaviors.


We offer events for cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, friends, family, and health care professionals designed to provide general education on a variety of the late and long-term effects faced by cancer survivors after treatment is completed.

Treatment Program:

The highly skilled team of Sarvodaya Hospital is trained and experienced in management of Blood cancer, Pediatric Cancer, Head & Neck cancers, Breast cancers, GI cancers, Gynae cancers, Urological cancer and Brain tumours. The centre is supported by state-of-the-art equipment in centres of Pathology, Radiology and Blood Bank to provide safe blood and blood components as per international standards and regulations.

Special Programs at Sarvodaya Centre for Cancer Care

A. Breast Cancer Program

Advanced diagnosis and treatment

Sarvodaya Centre for Cancer & Bone Marrow Transplant offers advanced breast cancer screening and diagnostic services, including digital mammography, breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), molecular breast imaging, ultrasound, stereotactic breast biopsies, image-guided breast biopsies and surgical biopsies.

Highlights of our Breast Cancer program include:

  • Collaborative team-based care for each patient

Nationally recognized experts working together in an integrated program

  • Superior diagnostic capabilities

Types of imaging include: Digital mammography, Breast ultrasound, Breast MRI, Image-guided breast core biopsy, Body CT scans, Body/brain MRI, PET/CT and bone scans, Sophisticated interventional radiology procedures

  • Advanced treatment options

Breast conservation options for large or other complex primary tumors

  • Nipple-sparing mastectomy that leaves intact much or all of the normal skin of the breast

Breast reconstruction procedures that go beyond breast implants or conventional tissue flaps

Access to novel anti-cancer medications, new drug combinations, and the latest clinical trials

  • Extensive support services

Survivorship program for both patients and family members

B. Head and Neck Cancer Program

The doctors of the Sarvodaya Head and Neck Cancer Program are highly experienced in using state of the art approaches for cancers that affect how we look, breathe, talk, smell, see, and swallow. Our multispecialty team excels in providing outstanding personalized clinical care.

Sarvodaya's Head & Neck Tumor Board is one of its kind in Faridabad and brings together medical, surgical oncologists, as well as radiologists, pathologists, dentists, nurses, and physician assistants.

Treatment of head and neck cancer often impacts very personal aspects of patients' lives including speech, swallowing, and appearance. A priority of Sarvodaya’s Head and Neck Cancer program is to maximize the quality of life of our patients, and we have devoted many resources both to minimize the impact of cancer and to help cope with side effects of intervention. The multispecialty expertise of the Sarvodaya ENT Center as well as very close working relationships with neurosurgeons, Opthmalmologists, dentists and facial

plastic surgeons are integrated into treatment to ensure maximum success in preserving the swallowing, speaking, breathing, and appearance.

Minimally invasive surgery and reconstructive surgery options are carefully integrated into overall treatment recommendations. Nutritional counseling is available to ensure patients remain healthy if eating becomes temporarily difficult. We work closely with cancer survivorship and the head and neck cancer support program meets onsite frequently.

C. Thoracic Cancer Program

The Thoracic Cancer team at Sarvodaya Cancer Center has deep experience in treating both early stage and complex cases of lung cancer. Our specialists use state-of the-art diagnostics to rapidly assess cancer. With new knowledge about the genetic makeup of tumor types, our team can provide a personalized treatment plan that matches your needs, and offers the lowest risk and greatest chance of cure.

Thoracic and lung cancer patients benefit from the most advanced care available at Sarvodaya, including

  • Weekly multispecialty tumor board of lung cancer experts to review complex cases and develop optimal treatment plans
  • Multidisciplinary treatment for locally advanced lung cancer
  • Emphasis on minimally invasive surgical procedures, led by our highly specialized thoracic surgeons
  • New targeted therapies aimed at lung tumors with specific mutations (e.g., erlotinib, other experimental agents)
  • Palliative care program for pain management, side effects and other symptomatic relief measures
  • Diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of previously identified or suspected lung nodules

D. Gastrointestinal (GI) Cancer Program

Sarvodaya’s Gastrointestinal (GI) Cancer Program doctors understand that there is no such thing as a simple cancer. With an unparalleled depth of knowledge and a caring and compassionate approach, our doctors provide each patient with a comprehensive multi-specialty evaluation and personalized path to the most effective treatment.

The Program offers extensive treatment expertise to patients with all forms of gastrointestinal (GI) cancers. Specialists from a broad range of disciplines participate in a multi-specialty approach to the care of patients and provide a thorough and collaborative plan for each patient.

GI Cancer Program doctors are leaders in their subspecialty fields and have access to the most advanced technologies and therapies available, including:

  • Targeted therapies which can target cancerous cells without affecting healthy tissue, unlike radiation and chemotherapy treatments.
  • Exploring internal structures in non-invasive ways using advanced imaging technology and computer algorithms.

E. Bone Cancer and Soft Tissue Sarcoma Program

The Bone Cancer and Soft Tissue Sarcoma Program at Sarvodaya is dedicated to providing expert comprehensive care to adults and children with bone or soft tissue cancer, including soft tissue sarcoma, metastatic tumors of the spine and malignant tumors of the bone. Our goal is to provide every patient with the best chance for survival, the greatest functional outcomes and the highest quality of life.

Sarcomas are rare and require a truly multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis and treatment. Whether the case is straightforward or complex, our integrated team of surgical and medical oncologists work together to understand each patient’s unique diagnosis and to develop an effective treatment plan.

All essential services are available within the Center:

  • Highest level of surgical care
  • Latest clinical trials for chemotherapy and immunotherapy
  • Minimally invasive image-guided biopsy
  • State-of-the-art imaging
  • Musculoskeletal pathology

G. Gynecological Cancer Program

The Sarvodaya Gynecological Cancer Program offers expert treatment for patients with ovarian, cervical, endometrial and other cancers of the reproductive system. Our doctors have extensive expertise managing all types of cases, including the most complicated ones.

Our program offers comprehensive treatment options and supportive services that honor your unique needs:

  • Convenient, single location for outpatient cancer care
  • Advanced treatments, including minimally invasive surgery,
  • Wide array of supportive services, including counseling for psychological issues, sexual side effects and changes in body image
  • Cancer Survivorship Program to focus on post-cancer wellness

H. Pediatric Cancer & Haematology Program

Successful treatment of children with cancer is one of the biggest achievement of modern medicine. Over 75% of children with cancer can be cured completely.

The pediatric oncology unit at Sarvodaya strives to get the best outcomes for these children with treatment delivered in a child friendly environment. There are comprehensive treatment facilities for pediatric hematology and oncological disorders. Treatment is given as per the protocols currently buffering best outcomes for individual disease. This service is backed by the state of the art facilities from surgical oncology including pediatric neurosurgery as well as pediatric orthopedics.

  • Newer drug formulation Chemo to minimize toxicity in chemotherapeutic drugs Targeted • Therapy (Biological Immunotherapy) is employed. With Improved understanding of biological of cancer and makeup of an individual, targeted therapies are improving survival in cancer.

I. Surgical Oncology Program

The Discipline is managed by site specific specialists in the areas of:

  • Breast Cancer
  • Mammographic localization of small microscopic lesions and sentinel node biopsy
  • Colorectal cancers
  • Endocrine tumors and Neuroendrocrine tumors
  • Tumours of the stomach , small intestines , pancreatic tumors , hepatic tumors and tumors of the gall bladder
  • Head and neck tumors
  • Tumors of the brain and spine
  • Soft tissue and bone tumors
  • Limb conserving surgery in bone tumor and soft tissue tumor
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery including Microvascular reconstruction surgery including microvascular reconstruction of flap
  • Thoracic surgical oncology
  • Thoracoscopic and Laparoscopic surgery in staining and diagnosis
  • Urologic and Gynecologic Oncology
  • Extensive resection of hepatic and Lung tumor

J. Medical Oncology Program

The department of Medical Oncology deals with diagnosis and treatment & the entire gamut of solid tumors. Correct diagnosis and management of cancer are managed in this specialty including

  • Leukemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma
  • All types of tumors of head and neck Gastrointestinal, Brain, Lung, Urological (Prostate , Urinary Bladder etc.), Gynecological (cervical, Ovarian etc.), Breast and Sarcomas
  • The latest modalities of treatment offered are:-
  • Chemotherapy as a day care procedure
  • Adjuvant Chemotherapy

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