Get a New Pain-less Walk for Life in Just One Visit with Single Sitting Robotic Knee Replacement

World’s first Centre for CR Robotic Joint Replacement gives you the freedom to walk pain-free with single sitting Robotic Knee Replacement - a surgery post which you won’t have to re-visit the hospital for a follow-up checkup; you can walk on the same day; and recover faster, getting back to routine lifestyle in a few weeks.

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Center of Excellence For Fully Active Robotic Joint Replacement

Sarvodaya Hospital, Faridabad, Delhi NCR houses the World’s First Center for Cruciate Retaining Robotic Joint Replacement that has transformed the lives of thousands of patients with revolutionary robotic technology - A Fully Active Robot (Cuvis) for Joint Replacement.

Having performed 22,000+ Joint replacements and 3,000+ CR Robotic knee replacements, the centre is backed by a world-renowned robotic joint replacement surgeon and his team along with revolutionary technical modalities, well-equipped operation theatres, post-surgical rehabilitation centre and more.

How does Single Visit Robotic Joint Replacement benefit the patient?

At Sarvodaya’s Centre for Robotic Joint Replacement, you get operated by the most experienced surgeons empowered by one of the best Robotic technologies in the world with the following benefits:

  • Surgery led by Dr. Sujoy Bhattacharjee, who features in the Limca Book of Records for Successful Total Hip Replacement of the oldest person (a 104-year-old patient)
  • Experience of over 20,000+ Joint Replacement Surgeries
  • Excellent surgical track record for most successful surgeries resulting in movement on the day of surgery
  • 3D Surgical pre-planning using high-end CT scan-imaging
  • Suture less, pain less and scar-less surgery
  • Sub-millimetre accuracy during the operation
  • Less bone loss, ligament loss and blood loss - The robotic arm creates boundaries to prevent bone loss
  • No Hospital re-visit required
  • The patient gets the feeling of natural knee and can walk on the day of surgery
  • The patient can perform basic activities & take shower the next day
  • Best implant positioning with maximum cutting accuracy, which helps with quicker recovery, the overall longevity and durability of implantation
  • Real-time monitoring, using the robot’s console with the capability of intra-operative change of plans
  • Minimal human intervention reduces the chances of infection

World’s first Centre for CR Robotic Joint Replacement

Super personalised pre-surgical planning

Highly accurate incision and joint insertion

Quicker recovery and better results

Meet Our Expert

Dr. Sujoy Kumar Bhattacharjee

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Dr. Sujoy has been dedicated to performing Joint Replacement Surgeries for 20 years with an experience of 22,000+ Joint Replacement Surgeries. He is associated with multiple renowned national and international authorities in the field of arthroplasty & joint replacement. He has acquired his expertise in techniques of Joint Replacement Surgery from the best centres in the world. He even holds Limca book of record in performing bipolar hip replacement on a 104-year-old.
Certified by International Book of Records, Medical Robot Company CUREXO, Korea, Online World Record and World Book of Records UK for successfully performing "World’s First Cruciate-Retaining Total Knee Replacement Surgery with Fully Active Robot.

Sub-millimeter Accuracy
Minimises the Risk of Error

Best Implant

Walk on the
Day of Surgery

Faster Recovery

Why Choose Us?

Sarvodaya’s Centre for Robotic Joint Replacement redefines the rules of what you can do after surgery - get back on your feet, go for a long walk, sit cross-legged on the floor, climb stairs or even run a marathon - even sky is not the limit for you once you get a new pain-free walk.

Thanks to the expertise of globally recognised experts, the accuracy & preciseness of the revolutionary robot, post-surgery rehabilitation and optimum care at the centre.

Our team of robotic joint replacement experts are highly skilled, qualified, experienced and hold global as well as national recognition for successfully performing the most complex joint surgeries.

Teamed up with comprehensive pain management during and post-surgery, we have one of the highest surgery success rates with reduced complications, maximum safety, minimal ligament loss and lessened requirement for post-operative physical therapy assistance.

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In joint replacement surgery, the arthritic portion of the knee is removed and replaced by an artificial joint that forms the new surfaces of the knee joint.

Personalised pre-planning: During Cuvis Joint Robot total knee replacement, surgeons use computed tomography (CT) scans to build a 3D model of the patient's knee. With that virtual model as a guide, the surgeon then uses the robotic arm to make accurate bone cuts and insert the knee components precisely.

Pre-selection and precise insertion of artificial joint: The doctor uses the robot to select an artificial joint for the patient and insert it accurately.

Precise cutting for accuracy and optimum alignment: The robot reviews the data and cuts the bone precisely concerning the dimensions of the pre-selected implant.

A surgery using a fully active robot greatly reduces the chances of human error. In the presence of a highly skilled doctor, the procedure is completely safe and enables you to return to your normal life quicker.

Robotic joint replacement surgery is painless and sutureless. However, any post-surgery pain can be easily managed with medications and rehabilitation.

Post-surgery, you can expect to be back on foot within the same day.

Depending on the case, you can resume normal physical activities within a few weeks.

Normally, no procedure is required. However, if recommended by your doctor, you might need physiotherapy sessions post-surgery for better mobility.