Sarvodaya Institute of Allied Health Sciences


Sarvodaya Institute of Allied Health Sciences

SIAHS is an institution known for its quality education and imparting training skills of international standards.Providing constant clinical exposure to nurture students' skills and also develop their personality and perspectiveregarding their role as healthcare provider in the society.


Sarvodaya Institute of Allied Health Sciences (SIAHS) is dedicated towards improving Healthcare Services by increasing the number of trained primary and supportive healthcare workers. The Institute is achieving so by innovation in medical education aided with practical training and exposure under the aegis of its parent institution Sarvodaya Hospitals, 300 and 100 bedded multi-specialty hospitals in Faridabad.

The institute aims to be the center of excellence in Paramedical and Nursing Education in NCR and works towards excellent value addition with potential for tremendous future career growth.

Having a successful track record of completion and placement of several Nursing batches since 2007 under Sarvodaya Nursing Institute, we are now offering specialized training for Paramedical and Hospital Support Staff.


We strive towards providing education that is scientific, modern andcomplete in order to prepare skilled and highly competent candidates ready to face the challenges modern healthcare facilities take on anywhere in theworld. We focus on all-round development of student with emphasis onintellectual, spiritual, and cultural growth preparing them to be effectiveagents of change in dynamics of social evolvement. We are committed toprovide best education for professional as well as personal upliftment of allparamedical students. We believe that our courses will be able to prepare ourstudents to perform their duties in what is best for the patient by meeting thestandards of the practice, quality of physical care, performance of duties,education & career development with collegiality, ethics, collaboration,research and its utilization


To provide wholesome education to meet the intellectual aspirations of students and to equip students with skills toenable them to take their assigned role in the industry. To inculcate essential ethics and values to meet the spiritualneeds of the students. To provide a good institutional environment nurturingemotional strength, a healthy mind, body and resilience amongst the students demonstrate understanding of life style and other factors which affect the healthof the individual and group.Demonstrate quick decision making in critical situations, leadership andmanagerial skills, effective communication skills in the clinical settings to providequality care.Conduct need-based-research studies in various settings and utilize the researchfindings to improve the quality of care, advancement of self and profession.

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