When Should You Choose Knee Replacement Surgery?

Summary: Good News for people going to different centres and trying various treatment for knee pain and searching effective knee arthritis treatment. Knee replacement Hospital in India can be the best solution for them. Know about the cases when knee replacement surgery is a necessity.  

“There is no treatment for arthritis”, a traditional belief, but the recent development of medical and surgical technology has proved this saying as wrong. Yes, there is a good news for the patients who are suffering from the chronic excruciating pain of arthritis of joints. Knee replacement surgery is the only answer for them today, this surgical method is highly accepted globally. Doctors are recommending this joint surgery to the patients while diagnosing severe arthritis.

This particular treatment is greatly and efficiently offered in India. India has allowed the establishment of large number of tertiary care and super-specialty hospitals including Knee replacement surgery Hospital in India with trained doctors, nurses and paramedical staff. Due to this fact, huge number of international people are choosing India to get treatment for various ailments including tertiary care treatment at cost effective rates. India be the best option for those who want to get effective surgery under the observation of expert surgeons.

What is Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee replacement surgery or knee resurfacing or knee arthroplasty is a surgical procedure where the damaged or diseased knee joint is replaced by a metallic material. With this surgery the patient can get relieved from unbearable pain of knee arthritis.

Cases When Knee Replacement is The Ultimate Option:

Today knee replacement surgery is highly chosen. It is considered for those patients whose knee joint has been damaged by either progressive arthritis, trauma or other destructive diseases.  Below are some of the situations when you ought to have this kind of surgery.

1. Rheumatoid arthritis:
This disease also known as inflammatory arthritis. It is characterized by thickening and inflammation of membrane of knee joint. Similar to osteoarthritis, it can affect the cartilage in chronic cases resulting in stiffness and soreness. This kind of patient, if not relieved by medicine , physiotherapy and other measures, is prescribed a knee replacement surgery hospital.

2. Osteoarthritis:                                  
It is a kind of arthritis characterized by general wear and tear of the joints due to ageing. So, this kind of arthritis somewhat depends on age. A large percentage of older age people are getting affected by this disease today; it is seen that people are even  having it at an early age as well. In this disease the cartilage present in the joints is damaged due to continuous wear and tear. The result is tremendous pain and discomfort in the knee joint, leading to difficulty in standing and walking. In the early stages of osteoarthritis, lifestyle changes, correct footwear, avoiding taking the stairs and physiotherapy to stretch and strengthen the thigh muscles bring relief to the degenerating knees. If person is fat, losing weight helps, as it reduces the pressure on knee joints. In early stage of arthritis, pain relief measures such as anti-inflammatory medications and local pain relief applications help, but the relief is temporary.
Keyhole surgery like arthroscopy has shown its benefit in early cases of knee arthritis. However, if the degeneration is not controlled by these measures and pain in the knee joint is severe hampering activities of daily living, total knee replacement surgery is suggested.

3. Post-traumatic arthritis:
This kind of knee arthritis is caused as a result of a critical knee joint injury. It happens when the knee bone breaks or the knee ligaments gets torn affecting the cartilage or ligaments around the joint. In this kind of arthritis, knee replacement surgery can be the perfect solution.

This article has been specifically formulated for patients with knee arthritis, looking for effective treatment of knee pain with successful results. Choose knee replacement surgery Hospital in India to recover from the unending pain of arthritis.


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