Bone Defects By Birth Can Be TREATED If Detected TIMELY

Bone Defects By Birth Can Be TREATED If Detected TIMELY

Out of every 100 child born in India in a year, 6 to 7 have congenital bone anomalies, stated by the World Health Organization. The conditions may vary from mild to life-threatening situations - the foot may be twisted or out of shape or position, a dislocated hip, curved foot, side curvature or twisting of spine, hunchback, brittle-bone disease, the arms or legs may not develop normally or even missing.

What are Congenital Bone Defects?

Congenital bone defects in a child include a wide range of conditions that affects their bones and muscles. These conditions develop from their development stage in the uterus. Some defects may heal on their own and don’t need any medical attention, however others may lead to severe complication if left untreated such as lifetime difficulty in walking and running, deformities in bones, muscles and joints of the limbs and arthritis in adult life.

What Causes Congenital Bone Defects?

When bone and muscle tissue develops abnormally in babies during fetal development they may lead to bone defects or diseases. The exact cause of majority of congenital bone defects is unknown. However there are some common risk factors:

  • Abnormal genes inherited from parent
  • Missing or abnormal genes due to a chromosome disorder
  • Effect of parents consuming alcohol, cigarette smoke, illicit drugs, certain medications, radiation and certain chemicals
  • Severe infections in mother during pregnancy, including rubella chicken pox, and cytomegalovirus (CMV)
  • Preexisting conditions in mother such as diabetes, thyroid disease, heart disease and high blood pressure

Solution To Congenital Bone Defects

Congenital Bone Defects may not be prevented completely but by keeping healthy habits and avoiding the risk factors we can ensure to reduce the chances of our baby developing any of those defects. Maintaining routine checkups during pregnancy can also help in timely detection of any anomalies way before so that a treatment can be planned.

The still developing tender muscles, bones and joints of our kids are different from adults. Hence, they need a specialist who has an understanding & expertise of their unique needs.

At Sarvodaya Healthcare, we provide a comprehensive and integrated orthopaedic program for children with a highly qualified and experienced Paediatric Orthopaedician, recognized for his expertise and quality of the work. We are equipped with world-class technology to help in timely detection of bone anomalies and ensure better outcome.

Your kid's bone health is a relief to you and priority for us too.

Dr. Somesh Virmani | Paediatrics Orthopaedics,Paediatrics | Sarvodaya Hospital

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