Emergency and Trauma Care

Emergency Number 105959 is available, on which you can summon an ambulance service from your home. The ambulance will reach your home within 20 minutes and the treatment starts from home itself.

Golden Hour!

If a victim of heart attack has to be saved, the treatment must be commenced within the first sixty minutes, which is called the “Golden Hour.” Any delay results in the heart muscle dying and this result in more damage to the heart and more chances of death. The time lag between the development of chest pain and injection of a clot-buster (Thrombolysis) should be less than 60 minutes. If this is done timely, the ischemic muscle completely revives and thus the heart is saved totally. Achieving PROMPT MEDICAL ATTENTION is THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR for an improved prognosis with a heart attack. Rapid evaluation allows early treatment of potentially life-threatening arrhythmias, and permits early “reperfusion” (return of blood flow) of the heart muscle. The sooner that reperfusion is established, the smaller the resultant heart attack will be.

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