Admission Process:

Pre-Admission Process:

  • The front office staff at the reception will help you through the entire admission process.
  • To begin with, the front desk executive collects information about a patient’s medical problem. A Medical Record Number (MR No.)
  • is generated for the patient. The patient’s medical records are maintained and stored by the hospital, and can be accessed using the MR No.
  • Front desk executive will then refer the patient to the concerned department/doctor.
  • Patient will be examined by the concerned doctor.
  • If a patient has to be admitted to the hospital, he/she is given an admission date. As a part of the hospital formalities, an admission form has to be filled.
  • Front desk executive further details about the category of the rooms available along with providing an estimate of the room.
    Before admission, the front desk executive details the patient regarding the treatment package which includes:

    • Estimated bill size
    • Average length of stay
  • Post the detailing process by the front desk executive, the patient will have to make advance payment. At the time of discharge, advance payment shall be adjusted against the final medical bill.
  • The hospital offers multiple modes of payment, including Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Card, Net Banking and Demand Drafts and direct funds transfer by NEFT / RTGS.
  • Patients, who wish to avail cashless treatment at the hospital, will have to visit the insurance desk / TPA desk for the hospitalisation.
  • After the completion of the formalities, hospital staff will guide the patient to his allotted room/bed.


  • Intensive Care Units (ICUs) areas are restricted or limited-access areas. Hence, visitors are requested to abide by the ICU protocol and wear isolation gown, mask, gloves, shoe covers and use hand sanitizer available at the hospital, before and after visiting these areas.
  • In order to minimize the risk of infection, only one attendant at a time is allowed for a maximum of 10 minutes. Visitors are also requested to ask for permission before entering these special areas.

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