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The Department of Anesthesiology at Sarvodaya Hospitals and Research Center prides itself on having one of the finest and highly qualified of anesthesiologists who are primarily responsible for providing a pain-free experience to the patients undergoing surgical procedures. Our experts have an in-depth understanding of medicine which enables them to provide specialized care for all surgical specialties including Neurosurgical, Pediatric, Gynecological, Obstetric, Neonatal, Oncological, General Surgical procedures, ENT, Plastic surgery, Renal Transplant etc.

Our team of anesthesiologists have several responsibilities which go beyond the operating room. These include:

  • Preoperative assessment of the patient
  • Detailed evaluation process for comparing current health condition of patient with that of the planned outcome.
  • Making informed medical decisions for protecting the lives of the patients, especially when they are undergoing surgical procedures.
  • Ensuring proper well-being of the patient while recovering from the effects of anesthesia.


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