Birth defect in heart of a 16 year old boy treated at Sarvodaya

Birth defect in heart of a 16 year old boy treated at Sarvodaya

  • June-02-2017

Patient Sandeep a 16 year old boy was suffering from Complex congenital heart disease. Patient was having breathlessness on exertion NYHA III. Patient was cyanotic (Blue Baby) because of his complex heart disease which is DORV – Double outlet Right Ventricle i.e both main blood vessels arising from one chamber. Along with it, patient had a large Peri membranous VSD with a heart hole with RVOT (Right Ventricle Outflow track obstruction) & severe pulmonary Valve Stenosis. After complete workup patient was taken up for total correction. On opening the chest doctors found a large tumor in front of heart. So, before starting the heart surgery doctors had to remove complete tumor & sent if for biopsy & then proceeded with complete correction of congenital heart defect. The doctors did a complex surgery to correct the defect which included Dacron patch closure of VSD, Rerouting of aorta to left ventricle, Pulmonary Valvotomy and Pericardial Patch Plasty of root.
Complex congenital heart disease occurs in 2 per thousand live births. They should be treated as early as possible but the expertise to correct this is available only at limited places. Late correction of such anomalies make surgery & post operation period difficult because of the long effect of disease on heart & on other body organs. None the less complete correction after complete evaluation is possible with the expert hands with slightly more risk but very good long term results.

One more such case is of Miss Fatima Fakhreldin, a 16 year old girl from Sudan who was suffering from Complex Congenital heart disease, double chambered right ventricle (an extra partition in heart chamber) and peri membranous VSD (heart hole). Patient also had infective endocarditis, a life threatening infection of heart around 1 and half months back because of this condition and was treated at Sudan. When patient presented to Dr Sumit Narang (Senior Consultant-CTVS at Sarvodaya Hospital), she was evaluated and was treated for infectionAnd was then taken up for the surgery. Complete correction of heart condition was done i.e Dacron patch closure of VSD(heart hole closure) and hypertrophied muscle band resection (extra partition of heart chamber removed) and pericardial patchplasty of RVOT -Right Ventricular Outflow Tract (widening of passage of heart). Post op recovery was uneventful. Patient was shifted to ward on third day of surgery and was discharged on the sixth day.

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