1.5 cm stone in 9 year old girl removed by No-cut No scar technique (RIRS)

1.5 cm stone in 9 year old girl removed by No-cut No scar technique (RIRS)

  • June-02-2017

Shreya (name changed), a nine year old girl, came to Sarvodaya with on and off right flank pain for last 2 years. On investigating she was found to have 1.5 cm x 1 cm stone in right Kidney. Dr. Tanuj Paul Bhatia, Sr. Urologist, Sarvodaya Centre for Urology & Laser Surgeries explained the parents of the Shreya about the new scarless technique of Retrograde intrarenal surgery (RIRS) using Holmium LASER. The child underwent single stage Right RIRS. Complete clearance of stone was achieved. Shreya was discharged next day and she recovered very well.

At Sarvodaya, we have performed RIRS for 6 such children with excellent results. RIRS is very good for children as a hole is avoided in these developing Kidneys which was done in the earlier popular technique of PCNL(Key Hole surgery).

RIRS is the future of stone surgery. With availability of LASER at both our centres of Sarvodaya (sector 8 and sector 19), we are providing this facility at both the centres. More than 1000 LASER procedures have been performed by department of Urology over last 2 years.

Advantage of RIRS in children with Kidney Stones
The benefits of RIRS are that it involves No cut, no scar technique, No hole in children’s developing kidneys, is Safe and effective. It has Excellent results and is Cost effective with minimum days off from school. Stone fragments can be obtained for biochemical analysis, and it is usually a single stage procedure unlike ESWL commonly known as Lithotripsy).

Metabolic workup for stone forming children at SHRC
It is important to know the reason of formation of stones in children. For same reason, department of Pathology at SHRC now provides facility of metabolic workup of stone forming children to elucidate the exact cause of Kidney stone formation in these children and thus treat accordingly.

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